An early stage pharmaceutical company with fast development timelines focused on kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI), including acute kidney injury and kidney transplantation.

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Organ transplantation often is the last therapeutic option for the irreversible loss of a vital organ. It sustains the patients’ life expectancy and their quality of life. More than 120,000 transplants have been reported worldwide in 2015 by the Word Health Organization, and the continuous need in transplant procedures warrants national educational programs for organ donation.

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Yet, most countries are struck with a shortage of suitable organs for transplantation and technologies must to progress to help reduce the gap between the demand for quality organs and their availability. For further information, read Transplantation & Ischemia-reperfusion injury.

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Balmes Transplantation actively contributes to improve human quality of life by providing a breakthrough pharmacological therapeutic approach for the protection of organ transplants. The products of Balmes Transplantation yield high quality organs for an improved and faster patient recovery, while reducing the critical gap between organ supply and demand by pharmacologically boosting marginal organs.
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